Sound Essences

Space Sprays

Sound Essence Space Sprays Our sprays are special because they contain sound. They are created from local Lakeland Willow Water, essential oils and flower essences all sounded in a quartz crystal singing bowl. Our sprays are simple to use and non-invasive.
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Peace Bottles

Peace Bottles These peace bottles contain a small amount of the green energy spray. Although they are tiny, we believe the contents of these peace bottles can help with the resolution of conflict, relationships, unification, religious harmony, tolerance and mutual understanding. more >>...

A unique set of seven energy sprays - 9.90 each

related to the chakras, each spray captures:-

  • the energy of a sacred site (dating back to pre-Christian times)
  • the energy of crystals
  • the healing power of sound
  • the magical properties of colour
  • the healing intention added to each particular spray during the making process
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